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SUWS is a so-called wilderness therapy program which have existed for many years. They used to operate in both Idaho and North Carolina but today they are only in North Carolina. At least two boys died during their time in the program. Here is a testimony from a former student found on Google.

Don’t be fooled. This program is not for youth with mental illness, it’s a for profit youth correctional program. Your kid will be lucky to take 2 showers in the entire course of their stay, poop behind a tarp into a bucket, and sit alone in solitude if they’re not being forced to hike all day.

It’s NOT therapeutic. It’s so much more of a correctional program than a “psychiatric hospital” and will more than likely damage your kid, give them ptsd or compounding their mental illness. All the staff are liars and deceivers. I’ve personally met people who work there years after I “graduated” in 2012- and they’re ALL hipster junkies who get off on depriving youth.

DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS PROGRAM. They will extend your kids stay to get more money, and will force some type of “therapeutic” boarding school after their stay of several months. After leaving this program after 5 years it still haunts me and affects me negatively. It’s one of my goals to see this nasty and deceitful COMPANY shut down and never reopened- if not, the defendant in a court case.



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