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The Agape boarding school markets itself as a Christian boarding school. It is located in Missouri because it can be run there without any state inspection because Missouri has no laws regulating faith based schools. There are often newspaper articles about teenagers who run away from the school. They use the ACE curriculum which means that it is difficult for the student go get their grades acreddited back in their old schools.

It does also look like they are lying to the parents. Here is a testimony found on Facebook from a parent:

This is a school for students trying to get out of gang, avoiding Juvenile Hall or into drugs. I received nothing but lies.

In the Private School Review, Agape reports a student/teacher ratio of 4to1 when I have in writing from Charlie Faulkner that it is 15to 1.

Also, I was told that my son would get counseling 5 days a week until hours upon hours of investigating and hearing from former students and staff members that there is no way this could be possible. When I spoke the only counselor Mr. Hart, he said that he would encourage Shawn to come see him. So your telling me your giving the student the choice of whether or not he goes for counseling, why was I paying $3,250.00 a month especially when when gets demoted into "Brown Town" they do not even get to go to school, no they are forced to do military training workouts and forced to eat brown food, no fruits or vegetables. They cannot go to the salad bar because there is pudding there which is a treat.

Also, Mr. Sandoval lying to my son that I was taking him out of Agape early to go to a school which was worse than Agape. Well, he is doing 90% better!



F*** Agape Boarding School (Facebook)

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