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The State of Oregon reached a settlement with Mitch Romney's Aspen Education Group. The state of Oregon had raided a so-called therapeutic boarding school named Mount Bachelor Academy.

While the settlement secured a closure of the school, the question remains whether Lap Dance therapy is a real form of therapy or only a scam called therapy.

The idea was that a teenager who had experienced sexual abuse during early childhood should perform a sexual ritual often dressed out as a french maid.

Victims of sexual abuse often tries to forget their traumatic past. This form of so-called therapy was supposed to force the teenager to open up to the traumatic past.

The question remains whether such a extreme form of therapeutic work often conducted in front of peers who had no training in treatment was more harmful than beneficial. Several teenagers who attended Mount Bachelor Academy seem to think so. Some we cannot ask as they have died in their 20's of sideeffects of addiction or simply committed suicide.

It is a tricky subject. While we want to hear if it works, we would not ask people to tell something which can hurt them even more.

Old form of therapy

Lap Dance therapy was not invented by Aspen Education Group. Before Mount Bachelor Academy was founded, CEDU used this form of therapy. In fact some of the early employees at Mount Bachelor Academy came from CEDU and they also use a variation of the marathon therapy sessions CEDU used.

CEDU itself had its roots from Synanon, which is a now closed religious community where people went missing, people were accuses of hiring contract killers and some cut their genitals.

Was it ever a real form of therapy? Synanon was a cult and former students at Mount Bachelor Academy often felt that they were a part of a cult.

What do you think? Did you experience Lap Dance therapy or did you attend Mount Bachelor Academy?



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