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SUWS is a so-called wilderness therapy program. They have existed for many years. They used to operate in both Idaho and North Carolina but today they are only in North Carolina. At least two boys died during their time in the program. Here is a testimony from a former student found on Google.

This place is hell. I was forced into the woods with people that worsened everything wrong with me. I was stuck in the woods for 75 days and there wasn’t a single day that I wasn’t crying and having panic attacks. There are much better ways to help your children then sending them here.

As someone who has experienced it all firsthand believe me when I say it is an awful experience. When I returned home I was actually afraid of being inside. I slept outside for 3 days and I still have actual nightmares of the abusive of the other “patients”. I lost all of my friends after they found out what happened.


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