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You can call me Rory. That's not my real name, it's not even close. I'm just terrified that somebody will figure out who I am and harass me if I say anything that ties me to my outside life. Then again, I'm terrified of most things, especially after what I've been through.

I'll introduce myself. My name is(n't) Rory, I am a transgender man, I am barely 18 years old, and for over four months I was imprisoned in the "therapeutic residential school" known as Alpine Academy. There's a good thread on this sub that describes it (I would link to it but I'm on mobile), but I will give a brief description.

Alpine Academy is located in Erda, Utah. It is meant for girls (although my FTM ass ended up there, along with some other trans and nonbinary kids) and most of the staff are female. It runs on the "family teaching" model, and the staff that run the 7 "houses" that teens live in are all married couples, most of which have young children. Permeated throughout the whole thing is a point and level system which is convoluted, designed to make you fail, and complicated enough to the point where I may make a whole post dedicated to it.

I'll probably write about what happened here, because reddit seems like the most controlled environment for me to do so while still having people that read what I'm writing. I've had bad experiences with this site in the past (who knew casually saying r/hittablefaces was basically bullying would get you stalked to other subs and posted on r/drama by some asshole who won't take it down after asking politely?), but I'm willing to overlook that in favor of making sure my story gets told. Lurking has shown me that Alpine staff look at this sub, and all I have to say about that is that they can do their fucking worst. Cover it up all you want, assholes. The truth will shine through and it will burn you up like the rays of a vengeful sun.

I'll post my experiences in several parts, not because I'm trying to farm for karma, but because even in four months there's a lot to unpack that I can't fit in just one post. I'll also likely only post here, although I may lurk some subs relevant to trans memes/pyramid schemes/swedish men revered by around 1% of the world's population.

Since a lot of this post is pointless and narcissistic exposition, I'll start my story from the beginning.

I wasn't abducted by Alpine, but I was heavily pressured to the point where I had no choice but to attend. I had been struggling with academics and mental breakdowns caused by the pressure put on me by others for years, and my parents were frantic. They ended up suing my school district so that the district would pay to send me to a private boarding school that would help. I knew about this, but I had no knowledge of the troubled teen industry and just assumed I'd be going to some fancy school I could put on college applications for clout. My parents even had me do a phone interview with one of Alpine's staff, where I asked questions and the staff responded. I didn't know what to ask about, so I asked basic questions like "would I be able to access my cosmetics?" (the given answer was yes, the reality was no) and "what's the dress code like?" (given answer: lenient. reality: strict). I ended up agreeing to go (easily the worst mistake I've ever made in my life) and was driven there calmly by my parents. The rest is a terrible slice of history that will soon be recorded.

My parents still believe that Alpine was a good choice for me. They tell me up and down that it helped and I'm overreacting. They want to send me to Journey Academy in Sebastopol, California. I've been dragged to one tour, and they intend to get me in for a proper interview. The answer I received to the first question I asked on that tour was enough to tell me that agreeing to go to Journey would be like sending me back to Alpine, deranged point system and all. My parents are emotionally abusive and controlling in other ways, and I intend to get away from them as soon as I reasonably can.

Hopefully I'm doing the right thing by telling the world what I've been through, and if you actually read this whole thing I'd like to apologize for the run-on sentences.


The original testimony on Reddit

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