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If I could rate this place 0 stars I would.

I 'attented' TAR back in 2007. By attended, I mean taken to, while ripped from my bed at 5am by a 6'3 Samoan and an average white male.

This was completely my mother's idea. I was generally a good kid, I just smoked pot now and then, as every teenager does, and since my mother and father were completely absent throughout my entire childhood, as I was raised by our two maids in China, they decided to all of a sudden 'care' when I turned 17.

This for-profit institution, does nothing but damage your child. The day I returned, I hung out with the same friends, the same girls, and continued to smoke weed. On April 28th I'll be graduating with my masters. Do you know what straightened me out? Joining the army after highschool. This place is a sham. They will cuck you for every coin you have.


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