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I am heartbroken this place is still open.

I was kidnapped and taken here at the age of 15 to this day it is one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. It took me all the way thru my twenties to forgive my parents for sending me there. No child should ever feel the pain of abandonment of being unwanted and completely misunderstood. Thank God I was smart enough to play the game and jump thru the hoops to get released.

I never lived with my parents on a full time basis again. My mother has begged forgiveness many times since. I understand the feelings a difficult rebellious teenager presents but if you have any love left for your child.




Other info:

The ranch tried to silence the fact that an employee and family member of the owner was convicted in another state as felon while working with the vulnerable children by suing Myspace where the news was published - Source

Another family member was arrested for having sex with a minor working for a sub-department of the ranch - Source

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