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The only good thing sorensons will do for your child is put enough fear in their minds and enough pain in their hearts to never act the way they did. If you are so desperate for your kid to change that you want them to go to a place where they restrict water and bathroom use then send them here.

For the record the teachers here are amazing and there are a few good staff that truly want the best for your kid, but for the most part the place is corrupt, manipulative, and full of lies and abuse. Your child will have no way of telling you what is really happening because all letters and phone calls are monitored.

I am a huge advocate for getting kids help and I Know I definitely needed help but unless you are absolutely desperate I strongly encourage you to seek help elsewhere, srs will permanently scar and damage your child. I attended SRS 2017-2018 and while I am very grateful to a few select staff, this program is truly not your best option and I really hope you look into other options and keep this as a last resort.


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