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My experience in the late 1990's was not horrible or great....

I do have wonderful memories of things but yet know for a fact I would never send my child away and not know what exactly is going on...

your one star reviews are true...the fence sucked,isolation sucked,the hike I liked that.....and loved camp out...

I learned lot about farm animals and image if I was not sent there I would never of seen Utah in real life...

I did have a smart ass mouth so to say I didn't deserve some of the punishment are not true but being I don't hit my kids like that you all probably shouldn't either,

I left after a boy hung himself, I don't know whatever happened after that went home and was still the same jerk...then I grew up for real so if this place did anything was saved me a few years a ass beating from my dad thanks


Other info:

The ranch tried to silence the fact that an employee and family member of the owner was convicted in another state as felon while working with the vulnerable children by suing Myspace where the news was published - Source

Another family member was arrested for having sex with a minor working for a sub-department of the ranch - Source

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