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I went here from 2009-2010. I can say with the upmost confidence that New Haven psychologically and emotionally destroyed me.

In fact, I was diagnosed with PTSD shortly after I left. The entire experience was traumatizing and I ended up feeling brainwashed rather than treated. I was never allowed a chance contribute to my own treatment plan and was told to do things that i knew had no therapeutic benefit. In many ways, I almost felt like a circus lion being forced to preform degrading acts just for the amusement of the people around me.

The clinical team treats the girls like they are cases and have on many occasions refused to provide any reasoning for context for the changes they make in your plan. For example, a girl in my house applied for a home pass (this is basically a permission slip that says that you can go home for a few days). Her therapist told her 'no' because "it didn't feel right". That's verbatim.

They didn't give her a reason other than that one sentence, which is outrageous. They abuse the power they have. STAY AWAY or you will end up paying twice as more for trauma therapy.

In response to the 'owner's' reply:

With all due respect, that is simply not true. I'm assuming that by 'part of the treatment team" you are referring to the fact that each girl gets feedback sheets from the treatment team (which are written without our knowledge and can contain either words of encouragement or news of being dropped which is decided ONLY by them. To be honest, I fail to see how the girls are 'part of the treatment team' when you are the ones that make the decisions without trying to work WITH the girls (even if a girl outright tells you that something isn't going to be effective and suggests coming up with an alternative solution.). S

aying "Well, we decided that you're going to have to do xyz in order to get your level...and if you don't like it, tough." is a horrible method. The response being: "'You have failed to listen to MY needs and I am hurt that you made such a decision behind my back. For that reason, I cannot trust you with my treatment and I do not feel safe anymore.".

I'll tell you all a story: I earned my level 4 and everything was great! I had good relationships with the other girls and the staff and I received nothing but positive feedback from Treatment Team. However, one day out of the blue, I was told that they decided to drop me from 4 to 2!!! By 'out of the blue' I mean zero warning signs. None. Nada. Now, I am the first person to admit if I make a mistake or behaved in some way that would cause this to happen, but God as my witness, I did NOTHING to deserve this. Nor did they provide an explanation, which made me even more angry. Now, please explain to me how this is 'including' me in Treatment Team?


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A therapist who worked at the facility later was arrested for sexual abuse. It is unclear when he started his path towards crime - Source

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