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I escaped the first time they tried to take me away in 1987. The second time they put me in the car, I let them. I don't remember eating anything on that 15 hour drive from Oregon, or remember anything for that matter! 

I do remember being locked in the dark library for three days on a cot sick with a "flu" when I arrived. I remember being served Lipton chicken noodle soup and water by the library lady once, but then vomiting my guts out the rest of the time in the dark, alone, and scared to be out of my environment.

I had NEVER tried drugs! I am 40 and still don't do drugs. I have chemical aversions probably because they drugged me at such a young age. I think it had a negative effect on my brain as well as my body. In pictures, I look drugged while I was there. I certainly would never recommend giving anyone drugs without their knowing or agreeing to it, even a child. It is much worse to rape a child than a competent adult. I feel robbed.

I disagree with the Level System they have and any forced shoveling of shi-. There are alot of horses though. I behaved very politely but I continued to run away, so was made to feel bad about myself by putting me on Level 1, and punishing me. 

I didn't ever belong there. I didn't need to be corrected. I played sports and music. I had almost all straight A's. My mother and I just didn't get along, as she was a high school teacher at the school I attended!

My punishment for trying to get away was to wear shackles and be forced to walk faster than I was able until my ankles were bloody. I still have scars. Then I was put out on the fence for God to punish me with the sun or snow. I was only fed rice and carrots with water. It was fully expected I go to school and do the work in this malnourished condition.

This is life: unfair. Being at Sorenson's taught me to do as the Romans when I'm in Rome. Blend. I know perfectly how to, but I don't always choose to. Life is also about choices. 

Society is advancing toward a more encouraging, nurturing, and understanding method to manage people and maximize productivity in humans and therefore; profits. This was taught in a recent class called "Business Relations" I took in 2011. 

I hope SRS is advancing and not declining with abuse. I have some extremely fond memories of my horse, Niagra, whom I was the first he let ride him. The staff weren't mean to me, but the phone call monitoring was overboard. They should record them, but allow them to speak freely, and alone, making the dial-pad inaccessible. Just a suggestion...

I would like to pay a visit to see how things are, and possibly encourage students who are there. I would like to see my counselor Renae and the laundry lady, Evalyn(if she's still around.)

Like everything in life, you take the good with the bad, so you get the whole experience. For me, it wasn't  a perfect fit, but with my mother going through menopause and me my teen years, it was an option, and I lived.

It set me up to be a clown in my home town, as everyone had heard I was sent away. My reputation could have been better, but I made my own, as will everyone. Parents don't you know it? Who is high? "Mother didn't need to be so high."-Pink Floyd He's old, by the way. Are we still swimming 'round, covering the same old ground? Parents reconsider sending your child away.

PARENTS-Reconsider communication, respect, trust, and love! My children are 20 and 21. I would try everything first before I would have entrusted values to be imposed upon my child that were of strangers. "...You never know what your gonna get."-from Forest Gump


Other info:

The ranch tried to silence the fact that an employee and family member of the owner was convicted in another state as felon while working with the vulnerable children by suing Myspace where the news was published - Source

Another family member was arrested for having sex with a minor working for a sub-department of the ranch - Source

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