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If I could rate this so called "school" -5 I would without a doubt! I was a "student" when I was younger & so I have 1st hand experiences with this place of youth torture! A few of the things that happened to me was the following...


  • They would force me go on a hike if I was on lower levels no matter what (sick like flu, whatever!) & if I refused they would drive next to me the whole hike holding my wrist & hyperextending the wrist the whole like 5 mile hike (this is about 6 mo. -  1 year after I had had a fracture in that area that had not healed all the way yet!)!
  • My mail was withheld if I was the wrong level (illegal)!
  • If I didn't want to take my meds they would make me by taking me down HARD & holding me down on the ground (snow, mud, concrete, ect. didn't matter!) & make me take them (illegal)!
  • They contributed to my both my mental & physical issues that i will have for the rest of my life (PTSD, Bi-polar, & Degenerative Disk Disease (AKA, DDD, partially from the physical stress they forced me to put my body under all day, every day!)! The DDD makes it so I am in constant, unending, VERY severe pain every second of my life & will be for the rest of my life! I'm now only in my very early 30s but I can't even get out of bed some days & am also on a few VERY, VERY heavy meds to help control the pain & that hardly even takes the edge off most of the time! All of this is at least partially due to the way they treated me & EVERY other "student" that was there! 

I could very easily keep going on & on & on on what they did to me & what I seen with my own eyes the "staff" do to other "students" & trust me when I tell you this isn't even some of the worse that happened in this "school" that I would more accurately call a place of youth torture! IDK if this is true or not but I seen in the paper that they did have another "school" that was for the younger kids then i was was SHUT DOWN for mistreating the kids!!

If you care at all NO KID should ever be entrusted to this school & this place should be shut down ASAP!!


Other info:

The ranch tried to silence the fact that an employee and family member of the owner was convicted in another state as felon while working with the vulnerable children by suing Myspace where the news was published - Source

Another family member was arrested for having sex with a minor working for a sub-department of the ranch - Source

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