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I'm an alum of New Haven and spent a year there. The experience scarred me for life.

We were under fed, there was no ac in the houses (in the summer in Utah it gets above 100 degrees), the house was full of flies, we were not provided medical care, myself and many others have suffered permanent physical problems due to the care (or lack thereof) that was provided to us, the animals were abused and neglected (one cat actually died while I was there), and the staff did not have the skills to be in a position of power over us.

The therapists I've had since then have described what happened there as "like a cult" and "conversion therapy lite." I am a queer person and that was something they actively tried to change about me. There was no grievance procedure for the participants so there was no way for us to report the psychological, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse that occurred.

If you knew me while I was there DO NOT CONTACT ME


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A therapist who worked at the facility later was arrested for sexual abuse. It is unclear when he started his path towards crime - Source

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