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I was sent to New Haven Residential Treatment Center for 6 months in 2002 when I was 15. I was just a kid, struggling with depression after a brain injury sustained in a skiing accident.

New Haven RTC is not a safe place for any young woman. I still suffer with trauma from my experience there, and hope that anyone reading this will research the ongoing abuses occurring there before even considering sending a loved one there.

The watchdog group HEAL has given New Haven a “red/confirmedly abusive” rating, which they define as: “A program categorized as ‘Confirmedly Abusive’ matches multiple warning signs of an abusive facility, has been sued or faced official complaints, and/or HEAL has received two or more substantiated reports of fraud and abuse regarding the facility.” You can read their ongoing research on New Haven at their website.

New Haven uses restraint, solitary confinement, isolation from family and/or aid (communication is so restricted that if you are in danger, you cannot call for help), and over-medication. 

It is a fraudulent organization. Several former and current clinicians have no formal education in their fields or proper licensure, including my “primary therapist” who is still employed there. Another former clinician (Jason Scott Calder, Bountiful Utah) was charged with rape of a minor in 2017. The victim was a patient and he may have continued working with children at another Utah RTC after his arrest. Several local news agencies reported on this and you can read about the ongoing case by Googling his name. 

Not every RTC is bad, but a lot of them are. It is extremely important to research these places carefully. There are programs that truly help people, and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I did. 

New Haven has taken down their reviews on Facebook after receiving several negative but truthful reviews from their victims. They have deleted my comments encouraging families to research. 

If your child is at New Haven, you need to rescue them.

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A therapist who worked at the facility later was arrested for sexual abuse. It is unclear when he started his path towards crime - Source

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