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SRS should be shut down.

Most of the good reviews of the school were by parents, not the teens that actually had to live there. I spent a little over 10 months there-18 yrs ago- and I dont think I will ever be able repair the damage cause by this place.

I am the first person to say that I had problems as a teenager, however, they were nothing compared to the problems I had when I came home. They keep the kids so drugged up they dont need to brainwash them.

Now I am a mother to 2 teenage daughters and no matter what the circumstances, I would never, not even as a last resort, send my children to place like that.

Please parents,  do your research, look on the web, go see places for yourselves, try to talk to someone that has been to wherever your considering sending your child. After all, just as the choices they are making will ultimately effect the rest of their lives the same goes for the choices we as parents make for them.


Other info:

The ranch tried to silence the fact that an employee and family member of the owner was convicted in another state as felon while working with the vulnerable children by suing Myspace where the news was published - Source

Another family member was arrested for having sex with a minor working for a sub-department of the ranch - Source

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