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Do not believe what reviews you read on Google about this awful place.

Several names that have given reviews are high up in the business of New Haven. I went to New Haven for 11 months.

The staff and therapists let their religious beliefs (they're all Mormon by the way so it's intense) get in the way of how they treat you. On more than one occasion I was punished for wearing a tank top and was never given a non religious reason of why I couldn't wear a tank top. At the end of my stay, my parents were the ones that decided it was time for me to come home and start school, they didn't want me to get too behind.

When the treatment team found this out I was denied my top phase 3 times, despite meeting all the criteria for it (several peers and non biest staff were baffled when I didn't receive it). I was manipulated into what to think. I wasn't treated, I was taught how to bury my negative thoughts and replace them with what they thought would be best. I had no say in my treatment plan. When I started to voice these things I was punished. It took months for my parents to understand what was going on there.

I have been home for 8 months and I still have nightmares about new haven, at least once a week. I also realized when I left that I had been brainwashed into thinking the same way as the staff. Upon leaving I thought that homosexuality was bad, I said negative things about it. Once I had gotten away from the environment I realized that I hated myself for saying those things and then later came to realize that I'm bisexual. New haven also did not see the red flags of emotional abuse from my parents, they agreed with what they were doing. My therapist at home has been appalled with what they've (new haven) have said and has deemed my house hold as emotionally abusive.

As of today I am doing alright. I do not have the same behaviors I did when I went to new haven and most of that is on account of me figuring it out for myself. New Haven destroyed me. I will never set foot on that campus again. Please do not send you daughter here. Please.


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A therapist who worked at the facility later was arrested for sexual abuse. It is unclear when he started his path towards crime - Source

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